F-16 by David Nunn

Parachuting by Tony Luxton

Hawker Sea Hurricane by John Clifford

Welcome to the Results of the Photographic Competition 2017

First of all, our congratulations to David Nunn, Tony Luxton and John Clifford who submitted the winning entries!

What a wonderful selection of photographs were submitted for our annual photography competition this year. There were so many really good ones that it was very difficult to chose the one we each personally thought was best. Thank you so much to everyone who sent photographs in. It is really great to have such support for this event and we hope that others may be encouraged to join in next year.

And so, what will 2018 bring? Well there should be a number of interesting airshows to attend in addition to any trips and visits that the club may be able to arrange - we welcome suggestions if you have somewhere in mind. But wherever you go, take your camera and see what interesting photos you can capture and of course enter for the 2018 competition!

Click here to view an album of all photos entered into the competition.

The rules for 2018 are:
Aviation is the theme.
Photographs must have been taken in 2018.
A maximum of 4 images can be submitted per member.
All photographs must be digital
Image size in pixels should be around 1400 x 1050.
Each photo should have a title.
Competition is open to members only.
All entries to be emailed to Peter Wood at

If you need any help or clarification please contact Peter Wood
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