Clacton Airshow
23rd August 2019

At 8:30 I got on an Easton’s Coach to go to Clacton Air Show. On arrival I bought a programme before heading to the Clacton Bowls Club for a cup of coffee and bacon bap. Unbeknown to me Brian, one of our Club Members, was also on the coach, but sitting further back. We ended up spending time together.

After finding a nice spot in the middle of the flight line, we set up our seats and watched The Tigers Army Parachute Display Team jump out of a plane before landing in the sea and saluting the Lord Mayor who was on the beach. The Eurofighter Typhoon came shooting past, before doing its usual display. Unusually, only three Extra 300’s flew in formation for The Blades, but I have not yet found out what happened to the fourth.

The Ultimate Warbird Flights Group, with a Republic P-47D Thunderbolt named “Nellie B” (549192 G-THUN), a North AmericanTF-51D Mustang named “Contrary Mary” (414251 G-TFSI), the Grace Spitfire T IX (ML407) and Buchon (white 9 G-AWHH), which starred in The Battle of Britain film in 1968, all formatted together before the Spitfire and Buchon fought it out in a dog fight, in which the Spitfire pretended to shoot the Buchon down. Then, in no particular order, an RAF Tucano,”Otto” a Schweizer 300 helicopter (N705B), two Strikemaster (417 G-RSAF) and (425 G-SOAF) flew around in formation.

An original Lancaster crewman was interviewed before the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flew in formation, afterwards doing their solo acts. This was composed of the Lancaster B1 (PA474) Spitfire Vb (AB910) and a Hurricane IIc (PZ885) and made the crewman’s day, as it was very moving.

Then a Bronco OV-10 made its flight, and later, a Pitts Special (G-EWIZ) trailed white smoke and made a face in the sky. The Team Raven Aerobatic Display team, which was formed in 2014, flew their five Van’s RV-8 kit aircraft and did a spectacular display. A Slingsby T67 Firefly then did its display.

The show finished off with the Mig 15 (18 N104CJ) and a Canadair CT-133AUP Silver Star Mk3 (133599) from the Norwegian Airforce Historical Sqn from Orland, Norway. These made a welcome sight first in formation and then doing their solo flights. The Mig 15 can be seen fairly regularly but the Silver Star was really special. Normally the Mig flies with two Vampires. While the show was going on I saw Grahame Cole who was in The Bill and a few other programmes and who is a ‘baddie’ in Snow White and the seven Dwarfs in a panto at one of the theatres at Clacton.

This was a lovely Show and there were 92 boats including three Thames Barges on the sea.

Andrew Elphick

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