Daks over Normandy at Duxford 
 4th June 2019

On a rather wet day I went to Thickthorn Park and Ride with some friends and got on an IC Travel coach to Duxford, where there was to be a once in a lifetime collection of DC-3s and C-47s from all over the world. On the coach I met Peter and a couple of other members of the Norwich and District Aviation Group.

As we passed near RAF Lakenheath several people saw a number of F-15’s flying around. Also on the way they served biscuits and drinks which made a nice personal touch.

On arrival, after having our bags searched we headed to where there was a line up of DC-3s, C-47s and even a Russian licensed and built Lisunov LI-2 from Hungary. Some of these were open to the public. I decided to have a look in a C-47A named “Miss Montana” and saw inside the cockpit.

Later I went by the Aerospace hanger where there were various paratroopers in period uniforms practising their orders to jump. Inside there was an exhibition on the 16th Air Assault Brigade with weaponry, surgical equipment, artillery and two Jeeps.

At 11:00 the Air display started with a 4-ship collection of DC-3s. Sadly because of the rain the paratroopers could not jump but they were to try later on if the weather was fine. Later there were three displays involving two Austers, two Spitfires and a formation involving the P-47D Thunderbolt, two P-51D Mustangs and a Martlet/ Wildcat.

Later it was time for the C-47s to take off in formation. Sadly again the rain came down so the paratroopers did not jump. However they came to the front of the crowd and explained how they used the equipment they wore etc and told of how they had come from all over America to do this event for the 75th Anniversary. Just before leaving we had a look in the Conservation Hall where I noticed the Blenheim tucked away, a Gloster Gladiator which was having work done and the engine from the Red Baron’s plane.

Andrew Elphick

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