Duxford Summer Air Show

Report and Photos by Andrew Elphick

On 25th July I joined a couple of friends on an Eastons Coach from Castle Mall at 8am. On arrival  at Duxford I showed my Covid card and ticket at the main entrance in the Blue Zone where our coach had parked. Other parking zones were in the Green Zone and the Red Zone. This would be the first Airshow since 2019, which I booked this in February 2020 before going into lockdown.

In the AirSpace Hanger I noticed an Ambassador airliner on the right hand side, which had been painted, and the Diamond 9 Team in the left hand side.

After having a look at a Fokker Dr1 Dreidecker and a Currie Wot, we headed for the flightline. This was free entry this year and split into two lots. This included the Strikemaster Pair from Hawarden and many of the Duxford Collection. In the second half there was a collection of Chipmunks, including a Canadian Air Force DHC1B-2-S5 Chipmunk from Audley End, an Extra 300 and an American Champion Aircraft 8K Cab light aircraft. Also there, stood The Blades Extra 300s painted in their new livery. Later we would have a look around the Land Warfare Building which held Monty’s caravan and other tanks, artillery and military vehicles from the past and more recent times. I decided to look around the other hangers to see the Blenheim and Lysander etc.

After getting back together with my friends near the Strikemasters, the flying started with the Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 painted in its special livery.  Next came the Diamond 9 Display Team with eight Tiger Moths and a DH60G-III Moth Major. These performed various formations before landing. The two marked Oman Airforce BAC Strikemasters warmed up their engines and soared into the air before forming up together to do their display. Next the Thunderbolt and two Mustangs took off into the air before the B-17G “Sally B” warmed up its four smoking engines and began taxiing down the taxiway and took off to formate with the Thunderbolt and two Mustangs. A remote controlled Extra 300 and a real Extra 300 did some aerobatics together copying each other, This team was called The G-Force Aerobatics LLP Team.

 A Hellcat/ Martlet and a Catalina/Canso flew together before going solo, with the Catalina showing off its floats tucked into its wings and later during its display, brought its floats down. Three Spitfires flew in formation  before The Blades took to the air and performed various aerobatic formations. The NHS Spitfire and another well known Spitfire (MH434) took off into the air and the NHS Spitfire displayed its specially painted “Thank U NHS” wings.

From Stanstead Airport came eight Red Arrows instead of the full nine as one of the pilots was ill. This was very touch and go as there was a storm brewing around Stanstead Aiport but thankfully they managed to do a wonderful display.

I thought the show was great as not too many attended and there were plenty hand sanitizer stations dotted around. Plenty of masks were worn around the hangers and plenty of reenactors and a few stalls were available.

Despite the dreadful forecast of rain and thunder the whole day was sunny and dry, but most people including me, were dressed for wet weather and brollies to the fore.

By Andrew Elphick

Red Arrows x 8
Red Arrows x 8