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Our regional airport at Norwich has flights all year to many holiday destinations. There are several aviation related companies on the airfield, including KLM UK Engineering, Air Livery plc, SaxonAir for corporate aviation, CHC Helicopters, NVH Helicopters and Bristow Helicopters. In addition this is the base for the East Anglian Air Ambulance and there is also, of course, the International Aviation Academy where our group meet for talks each month.

The Red Arrows at Norwich Airport  on the 26th and 27th August 2021

by Andrew Elphick

On Thursday 26th I went to Norwich Airport to see the Red Arrows. As I was waiting, a Scandinavian Airline Service Boeing 737-83 (LN-RGH) was towed up the central taxiway to the storage area. By the hangers was an Avro RJ70 (A9C-BRF) from the Bahrain Royal Flight and Avro RJ85 (A9C-BDF) from the Bahrain Defence Force and an unmarked Brathens Regional Airlines aircraft. On the central taxiway there was a Paternavia  P-68C (OY-TNS) owned by Bioflight.  

At 9:15 a RAF Airbus H135 Juno HT1 (ZM510) from the Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury arrived with Red 10, the Red Arrows Commentator and pilot. Shortly after ten, Red Arrow Hawk T1/T1As flew a circuit with coloured smoke, before breaking off to land on runway27. Later they would fly to Clacton Air Show and come back to stay overnight.

On Friday I went to the Airport again and got off the Park and Ride (501 Konnect Bus) and walked through Saxon’s Car Park where I saw Red 10’s helicopter along with the Red Arrow Hawks. After going around the corner I joined a crowd of people to see the Juno helicopter take off to Clacton at 10:40. While I was waiting for the Red Arrow Hawks to take off a Westland AH64 Apache AH1(ZJ204) flew overhead. This is based at Army Air Corps No 3 Regiment/No 4 Regiment Wattisham.

After walking back to Saxons car park I saw a Eurocopter EC155 Dauphin (OY-HUP) owned by Air Greenland at the central taxiway. Later a TUI Boeing 737-8K5 (G-TAWX) arrived. At 12:34 nine Hawks left and headed to 09 end and took off at runway 27 to fly over Thorpe St Andrew and onto Clacton. At 1:20 they arrived back at Norwich. At 2:00 Red 10 arrived back before leaving at 2:10 for Exeter.

At 3:35 I went back to Saxon’s Car Park to see all ten Hawks taxi past some regular enthusiasts and I, then go up the central taxiway to runway 27 and take off over Cromer Road to go to Exeter for the Sidmouth Air Show. Later a Cessna 560XL Citation XLS (D-CANG) owned by Air Hamburg parked in front of Saxon and the TUI Boeing 737-8K5 went up the main taxiway before taking off to Mallorca.

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 Norwich Airport Update

 Below  –  Latest images of the new East Anglian Air Ambulance building by Andrew Elphick (8/5/21)


Norwich Airport Photos by Andrew Elphick

Norwich Airport Reports by Andrew Elphick

Airport Update – December 2020

The southern section of Norwich airport is now much more helicopter focused than ever before. Squeezed in tightly next to the fast developing EAAA facility, (With bright red cladding bottom and left in pics above), is the newly expanded Bristow set up. Meanwhile alongside the NDR, British Airway’s City Flyer fleet of stored Embraers appears to have stabilised at around 13 aircraft when last counted as it rides out the virus impact.

RAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster seen over Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich.  August 2020

On Norfolk Aviation Facebook there was a story about a RAF Boeing C-17A Globemaster training at Norwich and East Midlands, doing some training. By mid afternoon on ADS-B Live radar it started doing some circuits and so I quickly got my camera and took some photos as it was so low over the garden. This was ZZ178 of RAF No 99 Sqadron, Brize Norton.   Photos and words by Andrew Elphick

Two Photos taken on 8th May 2021
by Andrew Elphick

9H-OME Boeing 737 Air Charter X


G-NHVC Agusta Westland AW13

A few photos from busier times…….

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Norwich Airport Photos by Andrew Elphick

Norwich Airport Reports by Andrew Elphick