Norwich Airport Reports

Weekly reports (as available) of aircraft and goings on at Norwich Airport,
provided by our member, Andrew Elphick


A Walk from Petans Truckstop and Back, City of Norwich Aviation Museum and Norwich Airport 08/05/21 

Starting at Petans Truckstop just off the NDR, my Brother-in-Law and I left the car near the Truckstop cafe to have a look at the parked aircraft. These mainly consisted of,

  • BA Cityflyer Embraer 190s and Embraer 170s, Air Europa Embraer 195s
  • Braethens RJ85 and RJ100s,
  •  and a 737Air Charter X.

We then walked along the bank and on to Old Catton. Near the end of the walk we saw four Buzzards, a Kestral and a couple of Hares in a field. This was a lovely walk of around 5 miles and a real change for me after shielding for thirteen months.

After that we drove on to have a look around the City of Norwich Aviation Museum in Horsham St Faiths. Sadly due to Covid, the Museum itself was shut, but after filling in a Track and Trace form we were able to have a look at the collection of aircraft outside. After having our packed lunch under the Vulcan wing we drove on to the airport where I saw some old friends who I used to see back in 2019 in the ‘good old days’ before Covid.

One of my friends told me there was an ex TUI 737 between the hangers in Aero Mexico livery which had come in for a re-spray after changing owners from TUI to Aero Mexico. The registration will be changed too when it gets to wherever it is going.  Due to much clutter making photography difficult, I took pictures of parts of the aircraft, showing the tail logo and the front section of the fuselage, before going back to Saxons where a Fairchild SA 227 Metro owned by North Fly was parked. Walking along the road we passed the new Bristow hanger and I had a look at the new East Anglian Air Ambulance building. This will be operational later in June.

By Andrew Elphick


After seeing some friends in the terminal, I noticed a Boeing 737-86J (TC-IZE) owned by Pegasus Airlines, parked near Premier Flight. When I went outside, I saw some other photographers waiting to watch this being towed near to the new KLM Engineering Hangar. One of them said that Hangar 3 was open, but sadly it was only ajar. However looking closer, I could just see an Airbus A321-211 with the word ‘Holiday’ on the fuselage and the registration VP-CCG. This had arrived as a Thomas Cook airliner and was leaving as LZ- ? of Holiday Europe. Hopefully when I next go I may be able to find out the full registration.

Near Saxon I managed to get a photo of the building work at the Air Ambulance Hangar, and, from the terminal, the work on the KLM Engineering Hangar. This has now been widened so that two 737s can be serviced side by side.

By Andrew Elphick

When I got off the Park and Ride bus, I noticed by SaxonAir, a Pilatus PC-12/45 (N234RG) owned by Delaware Trust Co Trustee, and a Cessna 525A Citation Jet CJ2+ (OO-ACC) owned by ASL Air Service Liege NV around the corner.

On walking around the hangars I saw an Airbus A319-112 (D-AKNQ) owned by Eurowings which is part of Lufthansa and also noticed an Airbus A319-112 (D-AKNT) owned by Germanwings being put into a hangar.

By the old Bristow’s hangar a Royal Bahraini Air Force BAe RJ100 (A9C-AWL) stood, before being towed to Stand 7 and taking off to do a circuit before landing again. This taxied to nearby Premier Flight before being towed back to Bristow’s area.

By Andrew Elphick

Today I went straight into the Airport terminal as I couldn’t see anything at Saxon Air. When I looked out from the Costa Cafe window I noticed a Loganair Embraer EMB145EP still with its origional BMI Regional registration (G-RJXH) by the old Bristow hangar and an ex Flybe Embraer ERJ190-200LR (G-FBEG).

There was also a KLM Boeing 737-8K2 (PH-BXY) named Fiut/Grebe, which was later towed into one of the hangars, after an ex Flybe Embraer ERJ190-200LR (G-FBEF) was towed out. Another KLM Boeing 737 was kept inside.

After some time, a Cessna 560XL Citation XLS (CS-DXM) operated by Netjets Europe arrived and parked in front of Saxon Air. When I went outside to get a photo, I saw a Pilatus PC-12-47E (FHGET), owned by Get1Jet, around the corner. This later went to Geneva.

 Just before that I noticed a Robin HR200-120B (G-CROE), from Crowfield Airfield Suffolk, standing in front of Saxon Air’s hangar. On the tail there was a silhouette of a crow on a badge. This went up to 09 end of the runway while the PC12 went to 27 end via the terminal.

By Andrew Elphick

Today was a fairly decent day. When I arrived, I noticed a mainly white BAe 146 CC2 RAF No32 (The Royal) Sqn. Northolt (ZE700), with a red strip along the fuselage. Apparently this was doing some training the previous day when it had a bird strike. It took off later to do
some more circuits before leaving.

In the afternoon a Learjet 35A (ZS-TOW) of Air Rescue Africa came out from SaxonAir. Also, around the back of there I noticed a black Beech King Air.

Apparently, on Friday 21st, two F-35’s flew over the Airport. I also heard that they flew over Muckleborough, near Sheringham, earlier, using their laser systems to attack targets at Muckleborough.

By Andrew Elphick

When I got to the Airport I noticed a Cessna 525 Citation Jet (D-IWUW), which had flown in from Dusseldorf the previous day and had left just after I left. After a very quiet day I decided to leave early but just missed the Park and Ride bus. However this was a bonus as a grey BAe 146 C3 (ZE707) of the RAF No 32 (The Royal) Sqn from Northolt did some touch and go’s and circuits before going home.

By Andrew Elphick 

At Saxon I noticed a Diamond DA-42 (G-COBS). On Stand 7 there was a Great Dane Airlines Embraer ERJ195LR (OY-GDA) which had arrived at 9:15am from Aalborg, Denmark and went back at 1:18. During the day an Agusta Westland AW-139 (PH-EUA) of CHC Scotia was going to and fro to some of the gas rigs.

Work on the KLM Engineering Hangar is steadily coming on, with some of the frame work being put up. While the Air Ambulance building is being extended, the Airbus H145 (G-EMSS) is by the Bristows hangar and the Bristows helicopters have to go from their old site to near Saxon to pick up the rig workers.

By Andrew Elphick

On a rather windy day I got to the Airport Terminal stop and noticed that, where the Hawk once stood, they are now extending the terminal. In between the hangars there was a German Wings Airbus A319-112 (D-AKNP). 

At lunch time a white Bombardier CRJ-900(EI-FPD) left a hangar and sat at Stand 7. Then another arrived from Runway 27, (EI-FPB), in a Cityjet /SAS.livery with various colours and SAS slogan below the cockpit and near the tail. Later a Cityjet Avro RJ85 (EIRJU) arrived and parked near Premier Flight before being towed to the hangars. Also a Bell 429 helicopter,(M-YMCM), parked near Saxon.

By Andrew Elphick 


After the Xmas and New Year’s break, I got on board a 501 Airport Park and Ride bus from the City to the Airport Terminal. Passing by Saxon, I noticed two Biz jets. These were a Bombardier Challenger 604 of JETCALL (D-AUKE) and a Cessna 650 of Luxwing (9H-WII). By the main hangars there were a Boeing 737-8K2 of KLM named “Sparrow Hawk” (PH-BXL), a Boeing 737- 8K2 of Transavia France (F-HTVF) and a Fokker F100 of Alliance (VH-UQG) in a special livery. On the fuselage it told of the flight from Wyndham Australia to London in England in 1931.

During the day, two BAe Hawk T1As of RAF No 100 Sqn based at Leeming roared down the runway quite low. These were XX339 and XX346. At the end of the day a Sikorsky S-76C owned by JC Bamford Excavators Limited (M-JCBA) arrived and the Australian F-100 was towed from having its engine tested. I was told there was a different Air Ambulance and so I managed to get a photo of it by the East Anglian Air Ambulance hangar. This was an Airbus MBB-117 D-2 (GEMSS). This was very similar to the normal one locals see around Norwich.
By Andrew Elphick

The Australian Fokker F100 VH-UQG of Alliance was sitting on Stand 7, so I was able to take some close up photos of the badge on the fuselage, which tells the story of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith’s flight from Wyndham Australia to London England from 24th September to 7th October 1931. This flight was made in an Avro 616 Avian V named “Southern Cross Minor”. On the tail of the F100 is a portrait of Sir Charles.


A BAe 146 CC2 from RAF No 32 (The Royal) Sqn, Northolt (ZE707) did some circuits before arriving at Saxon to refuel. After leaving the first time, it did some more circuits before refuelling again and then taking off. Just before it left a scheduled Tenerife flight arrived in the shape of a Boeing 737- 8KS (G-FDZU) owned by TUI. Also a Rockwell Commander 114 (G-BFXS) parked
at Saxon before I left. By Andrew Elphick

Sitting on Stand 7 was a Gulfstream G650ER (A7-CGC) belonging to Qatar Executive. This company is a business jet section of Qatar Airways. Later a Raytheon 400XT (G-FXDM) owned by Flexjet Ltd and a Beechcraft 400A Beechjet (OK-EAS) owned by Time Air arrived at Saxon. Other than these there was nothing much of interest around.

By Andrew Elphick

Sitting on Stand 7 was a Gulfstream G650ER (A7-CGC) belonging to Qatar Executive. This company is a business jet section of Qatar Airways. Later a Raytheon 400XT (G-FXDM) owned by Flexjet Ltd and a Beechcraft 400A Beechjet (OK-EAS) owned by Time Air arrived at Saxon. Other than these there was nothing much of interest around.

By Andrew Elphick

What started off as a very foggy morning cleared up in the afternoon. The Qatar Executive Gulfstream G650ER was still on Stand 7. In front of KLM Engineering was a Royal Bahraini Air Force BAE RJ100 (A9C-AWL). This was later towed up to the store near the NDR before being returned to the area near the new hangar which is being built and the Bristow hangar. 

At Saxon, a Raytheon Beechjet 400A owned by Queen Air (OK-BEE) was sitting with its engine covers on. Back in front of the KLM Engineering hangar a Boeing 737-7K2 (PH-BGX) owned by KLM was pushed out of a hangar to sit outside. This was called “Scholekster” on one side and “Oystercatcher” on the other. It was then time to get the bus home.

By Andrew Elphick

Starting off at Saxon, I noticed a CHC Scotia Ltd, Leonardo AW-189 (GERBA). Also there was a Agusta Bell 206B Jetranger 2 (G-KETH) of DAC Leasing Ltd, amongst others. On Stand 7 there was a Bombardier BD-700 Global 7500 (N750GX) owned by TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc. This is the largest and longest range business jet and was built in 2018. Later a Cessna Citation (D-CTTT), owned by HTM Jet Service Gmbh, arrived at Saxon from Germany.

Whilst getting a photo of this, a Robinson R-22 Beta (G-SLNW), owned by Sky Helicopters Ltd, flew in and parked nearby to refuel. A Cirrus SR22T (N53LG) owned by Aviation Inc Trustee also arrived during the day. Just before leaving the Airport, a Diamond DA 40 Star (G-CTSN) owned by Escola de Aviaco Aerocondor SA/ Portugal flew over.
By Andrew Elphick