Clacton Airshow 22nd August 2014
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On Friday 22nd August at 9:00 fourteen members went on a minibus to Clacton from Longwater Business Park. On the way we stopped to collect two others before arriving at the Clacton On Sea Bowling Club. On arrival we parked in the car park before entering the clubhouse where we had drinks food etc.

At 12:30 the Air display started with a MDH MD 900 Explorer helicopter (G-EHAA) a rotorless helicopter, which is owned by the Essex Air Ambulance. This was shortly followed by a RAF Westland Sea King HAR3A (ZH544) from RAF Chivenor RMB. Next was a Shorts Tucano T1 (ZF295). Richard Goodwins Pitts Special S2S (G-EWIZ) which I had seen at Tibenham Airshow came and did various manoeuvres such as the Double Hammer Head or Pin Wheel and a High Alpha Knife Edge. Following this, the Trainer Formation with a SA Bulldog T1 (XX543 G-CBAB) and a Grob Tutor T1 (G-BYXZ) did their display before splitting and doing their solo acts.

At 2:00 the highlight of the day flew in. This is what a lot of people had been waiting to see for a long while. Two Avro Lancasters (PA474), ours from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight from RAF Coningsby and the Canadian Warplanes Heritage Museumís (KB726 C-VERA) from Hamilton, which were joined by a Battle of Britain Memorial Flightís Spitfire PRXIX (PS915) and a Hurricane IIC (PZ865 G-AMAU). The Hurricane was in RAF Asian markings. It was a stunning display with four aircraft together, especially two Lancasters and probably the only year that we shall be seeing them. The Canadian one left Hamilton on the 4th August 2014 and completed its 3,700 mile journey to Coningsby over four days, with stops at Goose Bay in Canada, and stops in Greenland and Iceland. They have been doing a tour in this country, including RAF Marham and RAF Waddington, where they were joined by the Avro Vulcan which led the way with the Lancasters on either side. The Lancasters will be coming to Duxford in September before the Lancaster (Vera) will be going back to Hamilton, Canada. On the green there was a stall selling various museum items and people who were answering any questions.

Next was a Rotorsport UK Calicus autogyro (G-ULUL). Shortly after this a Rolls Royce Spitfire XIX (PS853 G-RRGN) came over and did an aerobatic display. This is based at Duxford. At 3:00 the Red Arrows came from Norwich Airport and flew over the Bowling Club, doing their marvellous full aerobatic show before going back to Norwich and then flying back to Exeter. The D-Day marked Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 (ZK308) did a solo ear splitting display and I have seen this flying with a Spitfire at Duxford this year. Two Stearman flew with two wingwalkers on top and did various aerobatic manoeuvres with the Breitling sponsors showing on the aircrafts fuselage and wings. These finished the show before everyone met back at the Bowls Club and headed for home.

Many thanks go to Clacton Bowls Club for the use of their Clubhouse and welcoming us there again this year. Our thanks also go to John our driver for the day.

Andrew Elphick

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