Farnborough Air show - Public Days (100 Years of flight) 20th July 2014
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I went with Eastons Coaches from John Lewis with some friends to Farnborough on Sunday 20th July, leaving Norwich early in the morning. Nearing Farnborough I took a photo of a replica Gloster E28/38 plane Sir Frank Whittle invented, standing on a plinth in the middle of a roundabout. When we arrived we walked to the south eastern runway 07. Passing Carters Steam Fair with its roundabout etc we saw several biz jets and a British Airways Airbus A318 take off before the flying display started. On the way to the far end (Runway 25) we passed a Spitfire, the Airbus collection which included the Airbus A380 airline and Airbus A400M a military cargo plane, and some military American aircraft which included a replica F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (the real one had engine troubles and was stuck in America), a F-15 and a F-18E Super Hornet. Also on show was an Eclipse 550 belonging to the heavy metal band, Iron Maiden and the Super Constellation I had seen at Duxford.

The flying show started at 12:15 with The Red Barrons, a group of mini cars which ran down the runway. Next a Meteor and Vampire took to the air. Other flying aircraft included the Great War Display Team with various First World War aircraft as this year was remembering 100 years of the war, 2 Parajets (Fans which would be strapped to your back and with a parachute you would glide around), a Lancaster, a Vulcan, a P-8 Poseidon, an Airbus A380, an Airbus A-400M and a Spanish Navy AV-8B Harrier/Matador, which was nice to see as it has been a while since the RAF and the Royal Navy/Fleet Air Arm retired theirs. Sadly I was only staying the one day so I could only see the flying and a small amount of the static. You really need more time to see everything as there are the Halls, stalls and at least sixty six aircraft to look around. There was everything from the Wright Flyer replica to the most modern aircraft.

Andrew Elphick

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