Fenland and West Norfolk Aviation Museum 19th April 2017
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Starting from Easton Village Hall car park, which is our new point of departure for Club Trips, nine members left at 8:30 for the Fenland and West Norfolk Aviation Museum near Wisbech. Three others made their own way picking up another member who came from Kings Lynn.

On arrival we were met by Bill Welbourne who showed us around the museum. Later we had a group photo taken of our members along students from the College of West Anglia Wisbech who were there helping to restore some of the aircraft in the collection such as a Lightning T5, Vampire T11 and Jet Provost T3. Outside we also saw a Shackleton MR3/3 cockpit section and fuselage parts and a replica 3/4 sized Thor missile, which were lying on display beside the Lightning. In a canvas tent there was a Vampire T11, and a Piper Colt 108 as well as a Pegasus engine from a Harrier.

Inside the main building we had a look at parts from aircraft, such as Spitfires, Hurricanes, Lancasters and a Stirling, which had been found on various crash sites in the area. These had been dug up by aviation archeologists. We were then shown a collection of aviation related items by another museum volunteer. These included a 747 simulator, parts of one of the Mig 29's that crashed at Fairford, amongst many other items. In another room there was a cockpit section of a Buccaneer S2B, various weapons including a replica of a German Walther PPK and a collection of Gulf War items.

Outside the fire exit there was a storage area of large aircraft parts and machine guns from various aircraft. At lunch time we went to a cafe, which was open for people who were looking around the nearby Garden Centre and other units within the site. Some of us had a cooked breakfast or a quick nibble and hot drink. Many thanks to Bill and his volunteers and to Peter Wood for driving the mini bus. By Andrew Elphick

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