Duxford Flying Legends Air Show 12th July 2014
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On Saturday 12th July I joined a couple of friends and went to Norwich to get a Chenery Coach to Duxford. There was a long line of traffic waiting to get into Duxford. After getting off the coach we showed our tickets and headed for the flight line walk. Along the Flight line I noticed a silver Curtiss P-40C Warhawk (41-13357) which is now owned by The Fighter Collection and came from Chino California to replace the Pearl Harbour Warhawk, a Norwegian registered Dakota, a Boeing P-26A Peashooter, which is the only airworthy one which also came from Chino and has sadly gone back, the Swiss Breitling Super Constellation, which I would later see at Farnborough and the Red Bull B-25 amongst others. On the far side of the airfield several private planes and helicopters were arriving. Sadly several other displaying visitors were missing due to the weather conditions earlier. Amongst the stalls two men were dressed as Laurel and Hardy and driving in a Model Ford T car and did a few acts with the audience. Three Manhattan Dolls (Sheila, Carly, and Ashleigh) from New York were singing 1940ís songs (their fourth year) and a brass band played. At 2:00 the Flying Display started with eleven Spitfires which included four, Mark 1ís and finished with a rather small Balbo for Duxford. During the flying I saw Smudger who told me about how the Blenheim is coming on and he also asked how everybody from the Aviation Club was. I also saw club members Peter and Rose Gibbard and Martin Bowman, who has given us talks at the club many times and has written a number of books, amongst other friends who I have met at the Hardwick Museum.

Andrew Elphick

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