International Aviation Academy Open Days   24th, 25th and 26th October 2017
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On Tuesday 24th October I went to to Norwich Airport and was told that there were a lot of people at the new Aviation Academy as it was an Open Day for Future Engineers and the general public could have a look inside. This day was named Destination Engineer. After signing in I had a look around some of the stalls and queued to go inside the Boeing 737 and see inside the cockpit where the engineer switched on the lights so I could take a photograph while he told me what all the instruments were. While inside they raised the undercarriage and left the plane on the jacks before bringing it down again. On Wednesday 25th October there was another Open Day but this was fully booked and this was called Destination Pilot. On Thursday 26th October there was another Open Day called Destination Aviation. After signing in I saw Richard Coleman from the Club. After having a quick chat with the man who was showing people inside the cockpit on Tuesday and who remembered me from then, Richard and I explained that we were from the Norwich and District Aviation Group and asked if we could have a guided tour. He agreed and took the two of us around the 737 as though he was doing the checks before takeoff, both around the plane and inside the cockpit. We asked him many questions and it was very interesting to listen to him explaining all the details. Later in the main area I had a look at the remote control aircraft and then left to have a look at some of the aircraft flying in and out of the airport. Andrew Elphick

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