Langham Dome - 15th October 2014
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Nine members left Longwater Retail Park at 9:30 and headed for North Norfolk, stopping at a Morrisons where we had a quick break before moving on to Langham and the Air Training Dome near the old airfield. After paying 3:50 each we stepped inside and watched three films narrated by Stephen Fry about how the training for gunnery targets was done. We were then shown how target practice was carried out using a special machine gun linked to a machine which projected a film onto the inside of the dome's wall, showing an enemy aircraft in flight. Several members had a go on this! A yellow dot was used as the aiming point. Servicemen would come from nearby bases such as RAF Stiffkey using Bofors Guns and RAF Weybourne with Coastal Artillery, which you can still see on display at the Weybourne/Muckleburgh Collection. Inside were displays of model aircraft based at RAF Langham such as Beufighters, Wellingtons and Warwicks. In the middle of the floor was a model of the airfield showing where the various buildings were. These were shown with buttons and lights. Outside the Dome there were picnic tables with games and information built into the top of the tables. These told you about the site and boards were also dotted around the edge of the area showing what you could see of the airfield which is now owned by Bernard Matthews. After a group photo and a thank you to our guides we headed for the village and had dinner at the Blue Bell Pub. Just as we left a Tornado shot over our heads flying very low from the coast, which was an appropriate ending to our day. Thank you to Peter Wood for organising the trip and also the driving.

Andrew Elphick

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