RAF Air Defence Radar Museum at Neatishead 14th June 2016
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Ten members and friends gathered at RAF Neatishead, RAF Air Defence Radar Museum where we were ushered into the Cold War Room for a guided presentation. Sitting behind some early computer radar screens, we were shown a film about how the Warsaw Pact members were able to fly over free aerospace to spy on certain exercises and equipment and how we would be able to pick them up on radar and scramble our aircraft to intercept them and direct them back to their own aerospace. Next we had a guided presentation by Andrew Farrow (Andy, one of our members) who gave us an informative talk and told us about the WWII Room and early Radar. While he was giving his talk an elderly lady and her family joined us and it turned out that this lady had operated one of the consoles on display during WWII and met her future husband there. At lunch time most people went to the "Crumbs Cafe" for a bite and drink before having a further look around the many other rooms that included information about RAF Neatishead, RAF Coltishall, Radio, and an Art Gallery. The museum is like a rabbits' warren of rooms and corridors and it is amazing just how many exhibits they have got there. With the talks and the exhibits you could easily spend a whole day there as there is so much to see.

Andrew Elphick

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