Newark Air Museum 17th May 2016
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On a bright Tuesday, 17th May, eight members met at Longwater Retail Park at 8:00am to go by Mini Bus to the Newark Air Museum. On the way we stopped by the Cafe near Holbeach, where the Hawker Hunter and military vehicles are, to have a hot drink and a break. Later we went past RAF Cranwell where there were Grob Tutors, Beech King Airs and a few Bombardier Sentinel R1s.

On arrival at the Newark Air Museum we paid our group admission at the entrance before we started to wander around and explore the aircraft outside and in two hangers and halls. Beginning in Hanger 2, I was having a look round with a couple of other members when one of the volunteers said that some of the aircraft would be open to us if we wanted to have a look inside. He also told us about the English Electric Canberra B(I).8 MoD which is a special flying Light Tactical Intruder/Bomber, Flying Test Bed. Later I went inside the Scottish Aviation Jetstream T1 and had my photo taken sitting in the cockpit. Our guide described what all the dials and buttons did and gave us general information about the aircraft. Walking around the hanger I also saw a SAAB Viggen and a Sea Harrier FRS 2 amongst a Wessex and various training aircraft. Outside this hanger there were several interesting aircraft such as a Polish Air Force MIG-23ML Flogger and a MIG-27K.

Around the South Field Site was an ex RAF Coltishall SEPECAT Jaguar T2A in 54Sqn markings, a T-33 from RAF Sculthorpe and a Lighting T5 amongst others. I then moved into Hanger 1, where I sat in a cockpit of a SEPECAT Jaguar GR1 and another guide showed me around the cockpit instruments. This took me back to the days of sitting at Scottow waiting for aircraft at RAF Coltishall to fly in and out. Outside of hanger 1 was an ex maritime Blackburn Buccaneer S1 with its revolving bomb bay and an Avro Shackleton Mk3 phase 3 which was being painted and so was surrounded by scaffolding.

After a quick snack I joined Peter Wood, David Ditton and another young man, for a tour of the Avro Vulcan. Before entering we had a safety briefing of how to climb the ladder and what to expect to see inside. After following each other up we were welcomed by a guide and we sat in the rear of the cockpit while our guide told us about this Vulcan, which has carried the Blue Steel Nuclear Missile. We were also told other interesting stories. It was very cramped but the instruments were mainly all there to see. Here they also fire up the instruments two or three times a year. After we had made our donations, we carefully climbed down. After a quick look in the shop we had a group photo before heading back home.

On the way back we passed RAF Cranwell again and also noticed a Boeing C-17 Globemaster later. We then stopped at the Farm Shop, where some of the members had a meal and others had a hot drink before arriving back to Longwater Lane Retail Park. Many thanks to Peter for driving and organising the trip which was very interesting and enjoyable.

By Andrew Elphick

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