RAF Marham Aviation Heritage Museum 9th June 2014
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We boarded the mini bus at 9:00 and drove off to the main gate at RAF Marham. What used to be the church has now been turned into the Aviation Heritage Centre and opened last year. We were welcomed by Jim Russell who answered any questions and was very helpful.
Inside the entrance there was the history of RAF Marham starting off with the First World War when the base was opened in 1916. Working around in a clockwise direction there was a shop selling various mementos of the museum and RAF Marham. Further round in the centre were various notice boards starting with World War II, and the post war era with a Victor Uniform and patches on the board. Near the wall there was a Mosquito propeller blade and various models of aircraft such as the Washington, Victor, Vulcan Display Team and other exhibits ranging from World War II and the post war era.
At the end of the room there was a Bren machine gun and a Lee Enfield Rifle. In a separate room there was a learning area with post cards on a table and a video playing scenes of the Royal Family at RAF Marham when most likely they were staying at Sandringham House, also a display about the Royal Family visits to the base as it is so close to Sandringham. Back in the main room the notice boards carried on telling the story of the Victors refuelling the Vulcans to get to the Falklands, the Tornados in the Gulf Wars, “Operation Herrick”, “Operation Ellamy” and the future of the base with the Lockheed F-35 Lightning II coming here to Marham. Down the other wall was a large model of a Canberra, a practice nuclear bomb, a large Tornado model with a pilot’s uniform, a Sidewinder missile and a TLAD Pod. Leading to the toilets was a hallway full of pictures and various items that had been given to RAF Marham from abroad as a thank you.
After thanking Jim our guide and handing him a club mug we had a group photo outside by the Museum sign before going around the roads leading back to the main road to see if we could see any aircraft at the base. The only aircraft we saw were a few F-15 Eagles flying overhead. Later we went to Swaffham at “Mother Hubbards” for Fish & Chips etc for dinner before coming home early in the afternoon. Thanks to Peter Wood for driving and Jim for an interesting tour.

Andrew Elphick