Seething Airfield Charity Air Day 2015 Sunday 6th September
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My family and I went to Seething to see the Charity Air Day. We arrived at 10:30 and parked at the far end after paying our admission and receiving our programmes. All the stalls were up and running including our Aviation Group stall on which there was a huge collection of books covering all subjects as well as aviation in order to raise money for our Group funds.

The weather was cloudy, windy and a bit chilly to start with. I started at the static aircraft which included a Schweizer 269-1 (G-IRYC) of Virage Helicopter Academy LLP from Ellough, Beccles. I sat in this for a while and got talking to two people, Humphrey and Dorothy, who have two Vans RV-9A's (G-HUMH) and (G-DOTY) which had been hand built. Later I moved onto the flight line for a while where there was an American Airforce Beech 18 (1164/ G-BKGL)from Duxford, a Miles Magister, that came from Langham, Maurice Hammond's Auster and some other aircraft which would take part in the display. Some visiting private aircraft were arriving and parked over in a far corner. The East Anglian Air Ambulance (Eurocopter EC-135T2+ G-HEMN) arrived for a short visit so that people could have a look around and see where the admission fees were going to.

At the main entrance by the original Control Tower with its museum, memorial and Nissan Hut, there were several military vehicles and a Freightliner truck. Following along the access road there were four steam cars and several classic cars and stalls. Also there was a band playing and a beer tent with refreshments.

When the display started, the cloud cleared, the sun came out and it was a beautiful afternoon. First to fly was the BBMF Dakota. This was followed after a break with one minute's silence in memory of the sad deaths of three pilots when displaying this year which included David Jenkins of the Wildcats in his Extra 300 and the disaster at the Shoreham air show. Next Lauren Richardson flew her Pitts Special (G-BKDR) doing a spectacular display and still only in her twenties. A Pawne and Maranki MDM-1 glider did a lovely display. At first the glider was towed and then released to do a solo act. Later other aircraft displayed including Maurice Hammond's North American P-51D Mustang called “Janie”. Maurice is a familiar sight at Seething air show and supports it each year. Peter Teichmans P-40 Kittyhawk flew in and did a display with a skull and tongue sticking out of its mouth.

Then the “Sally B” B-17 loomed into sight very slowly, making it easy to understand how it was such an easy target for the enemy to shoot down during the war especially in their large formations. Three Chipmunks which formed “The Red Sparrows” also displayed, as well as “The Wildcats” which with their two Pitt Specials from Old Buckenham did an aerobatic display minus David Jenkins in his Extra. They finished with their usual heart but without the cupid's arrow previously provided by David. A CASA Jungmann, several gliders and the Pawne, to tow some of the gliders, provided a musical display.

Half way through the display I decided to pay £3:00 and had a cup of coffee and two slices of carrot cake, as the scones had run out, in the pilots tent. While there I managed to see Willie Cruikshank from the Wildcats and Jon Higgins from the Red Sparrows. The air show finished with an unexpected Dutch B-25 which called up on the radio and Seething asked if they could fly through on the way back from a previous air display which it had taken part in.
As a family we always think of Seething as one of our favorite air shows of the year. I hope the our Aviation Group managed to raise plenty of funds and Seething managed to raise plenty of money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

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