Seething Airfield Charity Air Day 2017 Sunday 20th August
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On a lovely Sunday morning my parents and I went to Seething Airfield to see their Charity Air Show. This year's charity was EACH (East Anglian Children's Hospice). After parking at the far end I had a look around the aircraft, cars, stalls, military vehicles and control tower/museum. I noticed that there were far fewer military vehicles than in previous years and also fewer classic cars. Hardwick's Stall was not there, nor were the stalls of military memorabilia with collections of badges etc. I noticed that the New Farm Aviation Stall was there as was The Spirit of Coltishall stall and the Lincolnshire Aviation stall. Down the centre taxiway you could walk along to view the display aircraft and a few others such as a Beech 18 which you could have a look inside, which I did. There was also a Beagle, and others as and when they flew in. Others turned round and parked away from the crowd. At 2:00 the flying display started with Brendon O'Brien flying his Piper Cub and trying a few times to land on a trailer being pulled by a car which he managed to do. This had also been done at their previous Shows. Next came the Yakovlev Yak 52 (G-BXJB) followed by the Yakovlev Yak3M 100 (G-CGXB). Following this was the Fournier RF4D (G-AWGN) with smoke generators on its wings, dancing in the air. One of the highlights for me was a Fenec disguised as a NA T-28 Trojan (G-TROY) which, when I have been to Duxford this season, has been hidden away. The Wildcats Aerobatics /Pitts S2B Special x 2 (G-DIII and G-ZIII), doing formations and aerobatics, did their usual great display finishing with a heart. A Ryan Navion, Rutan Long ez, and an Autogyro Calidus (G-DISP) did their separate displays. Next came a Noord 1002 in the guise of a Me 108 14 (yellow) (G-ETME). Brendon O'Brien got in his Schweizer 300C which was called "Otto" the Helicopter and whisked his machine around with smoke pouring out. On the front was Otto's smiling face. Captain Neville's Flying Circus finished the show with the DH82 Tiger Moth, a DH82 Queen Bee, a DHC1 Chipmunk and a CP301B Emeraude playing a scaled up version of football, limboing under a rope and cutting ribbons.

Andrew Elphick

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