Seething Airfield Charity Air Day - Sunday 7th September 2014
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When my parents and I arrived at Seething at 10:00 we went our own ways. While my parents went blackberry picking, I met up with some of the Club members who were running our Club Stall. Later I had a look at the other stalls and Military Vehicles near the Control Tower Museum, also the Nissan Hut Museum and Memorial. Later I walked along the Flightline Walk midway along the runway where I watched various aircraft arrive and some parked along there such as a DHC1 Chipmunk from Felthorpe, a DH82 Tiger Moth, a DH84 Dragon and various aircraft from Maurice Hammond's Warbird Collection at Hardwick. A lot of general aircraft arrived and parked in the far corner. Just before the Air Show began a North American B-25 Mitchell arrived from the Victory Show at Cosby. This landed and parked right next to some of the aircraft along the Flightline and spectators.

At 2:00 p.m the Airshow commenced with an Aero L-29 Delfin which had stayed at Norwich Airport since Thursday prior to coming to Seething and where it stayed until the following Thursday. This was a trainer used in the Warsaw Pact countries during the Cold War. Other displays included one Boeing Stearman (SE-BOG)(4) Aerosuperbatics Breitling Wingwalker’s Display Team with Steve Hicks at the controls and Freya Patterson doing the wingwalking, The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Douglas Dakota C3 (ZA947) which also did a solo display and flypast, but sadly not landing. Mark Jefferies in his red and silver Extra 330SC, which is sponsored by Abarth Racing Cars, performed a brilliant aerobatic display. Mark Jefferies has achieved top ten competition pilot in the world on four occasions at advanced and unlimited aerobatics. He has also displayed as part of the Aerostars Team. Although Lauren Richardson is only 27 years old and has only been flying for five years, she did a wonderful aerobatic display in her Pitts Special (G-BKDR). The Wildcats Display Team with two Pitts S-2B Specials and an Edge 360 also did a wonderful aerobatic display. As they had three aircraft they were able to make a heart with an arrow piercing through it. Later a North American T-6 Texan/Harvard (8084 G-KAMY) took off with its green livery and American roundel and performed its display.

Sadly the Rolls Royce Supermarine Spitfire was cancelled due to mechanical problems and so the Norman Aeroplane Trust stepped in with their DH84 Dragon. A lot of people thought it was a Dragon Rapide but this does not have the eliptical wings, but it did lead to the Dagon Rapide. Maurice Hammond flew over from Cosby, where he had displayed at their Airshow earlier in the day, with his North American P-51D Mustang “Janie” doing his amazing routine before landing and joining the rest of his group to watch what I thought was the highlight and conclusion of the Show, the North American B-25 Mitchell. All heads were turned as it fired up its engines to taxi down to the runway at the same time as the Merlin engines of the Mustang also sounded as it landed having completed its display, so both World War II aircraft engines were running at the same time, giving an insight into what it may have sounded like at the time of the Second World War. Following the North American B-25 Mitchell's display this then went back to the Netherlands.

This is one of my family's favourite airshows and was particularly enjoyable on a sunny autumn day and the aircraft come a lot closer to the spectators. Incidently the freezer is now full of blackberries!

Andrew Elphick

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