The Shuttleworth Fly Navy Day 5th June 2016
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Two friends and I went to Old Warden by car to see the Shuttleworth Fly Navy Day on the 5th June. When we arrived we saw the Boeing Scan Eagle UAV which made up for missing it at Duxford on the Royal Navy 700x Naval Air Sqn stand. Nearby was a EHI-101 Merlin Mk 2.of 824 Naval Air Sqn. Between then and the start of the Vehicle Parade, we had a look at the line up of aircraft and vehicles. The lineup included some visiting aircraft which were flying in and parking near the front of the line thus making this even more interesting.

The flying display started at 2:00 when the Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B took off to formate with the DH Sea Vixen FAW2 which flew over later on. After formation they split before doing their separate displays. This was the first time I have seen the Sea Vixen in its true colours since Lowestoft Seafront Air Show when it was painted in Red Bull colours and when it was in another livery at a previous Lowestoft Air Show.

A Seafire from Bentwaters, flown by Richard Grace, formed up with the Sea Hurricane before they split up to do their solo displays. Sadly the BBMF Dakota could not make it and so a solo Hurricane IIc did a display before leaving. Next the Wasp stirred up the mown grass covering many spectators who were close by; luckily I had stood further back. Many other aircraft flew including a Lynx HMA8SRU, which was on static and had to leave half way through the show, a French Navy Morane 317 biplane owned by Tony Whitehead together with a Cirrus Moth and several aircraft from Duxford's Fighter Collection.

Unfortunately the Edwardian aircraft could not fly due to wind and so we watched some of the visiting aircraft leave, including a Helio H 295 Courier which was in USAF colours. This was an interesting and varied display with the aircraft flying close to the crowd line which meant that we could get some decent photographs. We have been to Shuttleworth many times over the years where there is something for everyone including watching the Birds of Prey displays, vintage vehicles and the Swiss Garden to look round. Also this time the House was open to view so more could be learnt about the Shuttleworth family.

By Andrew Elphick

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