Shuttleworth Military Pageant 2nd July 2017
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Four club members met at Easton Village Hall before getting into a people carrier and driving on to King's Lynn to pick another member up and his Grandson. We then went to Old Warden to see the Shuttleworth Military Pageant 2017. At around 10am we arrived and found a place to sit near the front to get a good view of the Airshow. Then we had a look around the visiting aircraft which included a Fairchild Argus, a SNCAN Stampe SV-4C, a Chipmunk and a variety of other privately owned light aircraft. Amongst the stalls and trade stands there were several vehicles including a Land Rover Ambulance, a Chevrolet G7113 truck with a fuel tank being towed behind, a M3 Half track and a few jeeps. Later David Ditton and I got on a early single decker bus to go to the Mansion House and back. You could also get on an early double decker. There was the option of having a look around the house had you been interested and had more time, but David and I just took the trip there and back.

When we got back I had a look at the hangers where there was a Spitfire LFVC which had been restored, stalls from different groups and The Polka Dot Dolls in Hanger 3, who sang various 40's songs. They had also been to Norwich Theatre Royal earlier in the year with The Glen Miller Tribute Band. In some other hangers there were aircraft such as Ken Wallis's Little Nellie which was sadly crammed in a corner and there was also book signing by various authors. If you were not interested in aircraft there was also the option of having a look at The Swiss Garden or the Birds of Prey shows both of which were included in the admission price.

Later I rejoined our group to watch the vehicle parade before the flying display got started at 2pm. The flying began with a North American TF-51D Mustang "Miss Velma" which was then joined by Duxford's B-17G "Sally B"/ "Memphis Belle". Next came a Hawker Demon and Hawker Tomtit which joined together in formation. These were followed by a Cub and Gliders ("Eon Primary" and "Kirby Kite"). Then a Lysander, Tiger Moth and Bristol F2b did their displays before getting together to do a circular display. A Westland Scout then flew in and joined a Beaver from Middle Wallop Army Historic Flight and they then took off in formation. I have not seen either of these for a long while. Also an Avro C19 Anson flew a display. The Blenheim which "Smudger" helped to build arrived from Duxford flown by John Romain and did its display showing its topside when going around. Two Austers then took off, (an Auster T7 and Auster AOP6) and flew around. One of the highlights of the show came in the form of three Hurricanes owned by Old Warden (Hurricane 1 is a new resident, which is the only surviving Hurricane from the Battle of Britain), and a Sea Hurricane. Next to fly were the WWI Section with a BE2a and a Bristol M1C. As the wind was fairly calm the Edwardians managed to get into the air in the form of an Avro Triplane and Boxkite to finish the Show.

Annoyingly for me the battery on my new camera ran out of charge so I was unable to photograph the latter half of the Show but enjoyed watching. At 6pm some of the aircraft started to leave and we headed back to the people carrier and made our way home via King's Lynn. Although it sounds an expensive place to go, there are so many different things to do all included within the admission price that it made for a wonderful day out. We thank Peter Wood for organising the trip and doing all the driving.

By Andrew Elphick

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