Heritage Wings and Wheels at Tibenham Airfield 3rd August 2014
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Arriving at around 10:30 my parents and I parked the car at the far end of the airfield. On the right hand side of the Clubhouse people parked their aircraft along the runway while in the middle there was a collection of classic cars, military vehicles, steam engines and tractors as well as stalls. Between 11:00 and 12:00 display aircraft and visiting aircraft were arriving and I went down the line making notes of each aircraft. When there was a gap some remote control aircraft did their first display.

At 1:00 pm the Airshow Display started. There was a display by The “Red Sparrows” with three ex RAF Chipmunks which was nice to see because they do not appear at shows together very often. The Pitts Special (G-EWIZ) with R.S Goldwin did his usual spectacular stunts and using baby oil smoke. At 1:30 a Lockheed C-5B Galaxy flew low over the airfield which was a surprise to everyone and which had come from RAF Mildenhall. A Bucker Jungman (G-WJCM) in Lufthansa markings also displayed with a few aerobatics. I saw this at Old Buckenham the previous weekend. An Edge 360 (G-EDGJ) arrived and did a solo act before joining the rest of The Wild Cats display team Pitts Specials (G-DIII),( G-IIIZ). R.S Goldwin came back in his Pitts Special to do a further display, before a Sea King HAR3A (ZH542) came low along the length of the runway before landing for a couple of hours.

During the airshow interval three Formula 1Lotus Race Cars from the Classic Team Lotus Collection ran down the runway.Following the Team Lotus the Classic cars paraded up and down runway. After the classic cars the three Lotus Race Cars raced down the runway again.

At 3:30 the second half of the Airshow began with a brightly painted yellow Swiss Bucker Jungmeister (U-95) arriving which later did some aerobatics. This replaced a Yak 11 which had engine trouble. This made a nice change as she does not fly much at airshows just lately. Later Maurice Hammond got into his North American P-51D Mustang, “Janie” (414419 G-MSTG) and formed up with a Spitfire TR9 (PV202 G-CCCA) owned by the Historic Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford. They did a wonderful display together, before the Spitfire did a solo act and “Janie” flown by Maurice Hammond followed this by his solo display.

Two Yak 50’s (G-FUNK, G-YAKR) from the Aerostars display team did their unusual display together as there are usually more in the team, one of which is based at Tibenham. An unusual Bishop & Casteli E-Go prototype (G-EFUN) flown by Chief Test Pilot Keith Denison took to the air before doing its display showing off its unusual lines. This aircraft is preparing for production with its first deliveries planned for 2015.

Sadly the show ended at 4:40 and I watched the display and general aircraft departures from the airfield. A few different remote control aircraft did a second display before also leaving.

Andrew Elphick

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