RAF Waddington International Air Show 5th and 6th July 2014
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On Saturday I boarded an Easton’s Coach at All Saints Green at 7:45with some friends to go to Waddington Air Show. This year is Waddington’s 20th Airshow and sadly next year they have to service the runway etc which means there will not be an air show next year. When we arrived near to Cranwell we had to join the queue of traffic before entering the Air Show a little bit late. From the coach, however, we all managed to see some of the early part of the displays. This commenced with The Station Flypast with a Boeing E-3D Sentry and a Bombardier Sentinel R1 and the latest plane to join their fleet a Boeing RC135W Airseeker R1/ Rivet Joint which has replaced the Nimrod. The next display was The RAF Falcons Parachute Team who jumped from a black and orange Cessna 208 Caravan 1 (G-DLAA). Last time I saw these was from Norwich Airport when they were at The Royal Norfolk Show on the 25th June. It was then followed by the Dutch Hunter F6 from the Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation in the Netherlands. We also saw a Canberra PR9, a Chinook HC4 all in the comfort of the coach.

When we finally arrived into the base, The Blades and Bronco were flying and some of us decided to see some of the static aircraft on display. While we were walking we heard a loud noise and turned around just in time to see the RAF Red Arrow’s 50th Anniversary Flypast. In this formation they had the Red Arrows in a V formation with their latest anniversary Union Jack tail, a red and yellow Folland Gnat and a black Hunter tucked into the back forming a diamond. The yellow gnat was to represent the Yellow Jacks, which were the former Team of the Red Arrows. The Red Gnat was the first Red Arrow aircraft and the Black Hunter was representing the Black Arrows Display Team. Other highlights for Saturday included a Swiss F/A Hornet, Apache with a pyro technique display, Turkish F-16C, the Vulcan which made a wheelie down the runway, a new Spanish Display Team called the Patuilia Aspa with five Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri’s, Draken, Viggen, the Black Cats with a Wildcat HM 1 and Lynx HMA 8 together and three Gnats. The Red Arrows did another display but sadly had a bird strike with a bird hitting Red 6’s nose making a large hole and taking the aircraft out of action.

In the Static display the highlights included a US Navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon which is replacing the Lockheed P-3 Orion, a Turkish Navy Casa CN-295 MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft), a German Typhoon, a Slovak Aero L-39CM Albatross with special markings on its tail, an Italian C-27 Sparton and an Italian KC767 tanker which I queued to see inside. Amongst the civil registered aircraft was a Boeing 727-25-2F(RE) (G-OSRA) which has replaced Air Atlantics DC-3’s and sprays over oil which is polluting large areas of water, a SAAB 2000, a Beechcraft AT-6 a Trainer, an AT-6A a light strike fighter and a Cessna F406 maritime patrol aircraft owned by Direct Flight/QinetiQ. Direct Flight used to be at Norwich Airport as an Air Taxi service before moving to Cranfield and has other bases at Inverness and Tingwall Airport in the Shetland Islands.

I went again on the Sunday and David Ditton and Brian came and joined me with Easton Coaches. This time we were straight in and arrived to see the first display from the Station Flight to the Canberra and Hunter formation. This was a similar day to Saturday so far as the planes and displays were concerned. It was also nice to see the only airworthy Westland Whirlwind which was on display in the static.

Andrew Elphick

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