Wattisham Museum Tour (ended up outside Mildenhall!) 27th September 2017
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On Wednesday, eight members boarded a mini bus at Easton Village Hall at 9 a.m. and headed for the Army Air Corps Wattisham. When we arrived at the Wattisham gate we told the Guards we were expecting to meet someone from the museum. Sadly no one knew anything about it and the museum was closed so they were unable to allow us in. We then headed for RAF Lakenheath to make the most of the day. On the way we had a quick stop at a Burger King for a mid-morning snack. Near the roundabout on the A11 we called at a truck stop called "Walkers Snacks" for a quick bite and drink for lunch. While we were there a Lockheed MC-130J Commando II from the 67th Special Operations Squadron/352nd Special Operations Wing flew over a couple of times. Later we went to the viewing area at RAF Lakenheath for a while but it was very quiet and so we decided to try RAF Mildenhall and go to "Johns Field" in Littleport near the Commandos. After crossing a field we parked near the fence. I climbed onto the well known trailer which is where enthusiasts stand to have a look over the fence and to have a clear view of the airfield. Whilst there I noticed some Bell Boeing CV-22B Ospreys, a McDonell Douglas KC-10 Extender, a RC-135 Rivet Joint, the usual Boeing KC-135 Stratotankers, a visiting Stratotanker and a few Commando II's that are based there. A few F15 Strike Eagles flew over before it was time to leave for home. Many thanks to Peter Wood for making a 'disaster' into a enjoyable day.

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