Wattisham Station Heritage Museum   29th June 2017
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At 8:00 we left Easton Village Hall and headed down to Wattisham Station to see the Wattisham Station Heritage and Hardened Aircraft Shelter workshop. On the way we stopped to have a quick bite and drink from a truck stop in a layby. On arrival at Wattisham Station we noticed a Westland Gazelle AH1 Gate Guard before being met by Peter Bamford who took us around the perimeter track to see some helicopters by the Hardened Aircraft Shelter and the aircraft inside the HAS which was all part of the Museum. Sadly due to some problems with the electrical door locks we could not get in, but we did get a good look around the Westland Scout AH1, Westland Lynx AH7 and Gazelle AH1. Had we gone into the Quick Reaction Alert Shelter we would have seen the 1992 display McD F-4M Phantom FGR2, the Hawker Hunter FGA9 and the front fuelage of a BAC Lightning F3. On the airfield we noticed a couple of Army Air Corps Westland Apache AH1's.
Afterwards we went back to the Museum to have a look around and a hot drink. The museum told the history from 1939 when the RAF flew Blenheims, Fairy Battles, Bostons, Beaufighters and Oxfords, through to the Cold War with Meteors, Hunters including the famous Black Arrows, Lightnings and Phantoms until in 1992 the RAF finished and the Army took over. The only RAF aircraft left were Search and Rescue Westland Sea Kings before they were retired in 2015.
Afterwards we signed the visitors book, which had some of the members from the last visit on 1st March 2014. We later gave Peter Bamford a mug and thanked him for the tour. Later we decided to go to Lakenheath for dinner at a Fish and Chip shop. Just before leaving we heard a few F-15 Eagles taking off so we headed for the visitors' carpark at the far corner to see them land. We then made our way back to Easton via Watton and home in time for tea. Thanks to Peter for the driving and the trip.

Andrew Elphick

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