Great Yarmouth Air Show 16th June 2018  
On Saturday 16th June my mother and I went from Norwich on the X1 to Great Yarmouth to see the first Airshow to be held there. Having arrived very early in the morning to avoid the queues we had a bacon bap at Great Yarmouth market, looked around and then wandered down to the Front. We decided to sit between the Britannia Pier and Wellington Pier which gave us a position fairly central to the Show.

During the morning while we sat and waited for the afternoon performance which started at 1pm, the North American OV-10 Bronco flew over the sea a few times before heading back to where it was staying. A little while later, an Autogyro flew back and forth over the coast, before heading back to its base. On the sea I saw a Border Force ship (Alert) and Lydia Eva, a steam trawler which were travelling back and forth.

At 1pm the Avro Lancaster B1 (PA474), Hurricane IIc (PZ865) and a Spitfire Vb (AB910) from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight opened the Show, and flew in formation before splitting up and doing their solo flights, finally rejoining back in formation and then departing. Next a Rutan Long Ez (G-MUSO) from Seething flew. This reminded my mother of a coat hanger with its canard winglets at the front and the main wings at the back and powered by an engine at the rear. Later four Extra EA300 aircraft (G-OFFO, G-ZEXL, G-ZXCL and G-ZXEL) flew in formation over the central crowd line. These are called "The Blades". They are flown by very experienced display pilots and they did several aerobatic manoeuvres. Following these came a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (G-UKPB) carrying the Tigers Parachute Display Team who dropped in, in various formations, some with flags.

At 2pm several WW1 aircraft from the Great War Team performed some dogfights over the sea and this was followed by an Autgyro (G-DISP) and then two Pitts Specials (G-DIII and (G-ZIII) called "The Wildcats", a display team which is based at Old Buckenham. At exactly 3pm The Red Arrows flew in from Norwich Airport, over the centre and over our heads, before performing a flat show due to low cloud, doing some of their famous aerobatic formations and crossovers. After a gap due to the Bronco having problems, a BAC Strikemaster Mk 82 (G-SOAF/425) in Oman Air Force colours raced into view from Norwich Airport and did several manoeuvres. This was followed by the Catalina, which was lovely to watch over the sea. After a little break two De Havilland Vampires, a FB6 (VZ305/LN-DHY) and a T55 (WZ447/LN-DHZ), which came from the Norwegian Historic Flight, flew from Norwich Airport and did a spectacular display. As it was the RAF 100th Anniversary this year, they had been painted in RAF markings but actually are (PX-K and PX-M). This was probably my highlight of the day. After these, two Boeing Stearmans flew in with the Wing Walkers - and then it was time to go. On the way back to the bus station I heard and saw briefly the Bronco, which it had been possible to mend, another Pitts Special (G-EWIZ) and a Spitfire.

At the bus station there was a long queue for Norwich X1 with several buses going straight through and others calling at Acle.

Andrew Elphick