Shuttleworth Family Air Show 
Sunday 4th August 2019

At 08:00 we boarded an IC Travel, Mercedes mini-bus, at Easton Village Hall for our trip to Old Warden. As we passed Duxford I noticed that the Catalina, that should have been at Old Warden, on static display, was on the Duxford airfield. It turned out that this was having technical problems, which explains why it was not at Old Warden. At a McDonalds we had a quick stop and some people noticed a McLaren sports car.

On arrival at Shuttleworth we pitched our chairs near to the flight line, next to a DH82A Tiger Moth. I walked along the flight line making notes of the visiting aircraft, such as a Harvard and some of the display aircraft. After this I bought a programme and walked through the hangers having a look at the aircraft, such as an Albatross and “Little Nellie”, the Autogyro which Ken Wallis flew in the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice” and which used to be seen at Flixton. This was nicely displayed amongst some of the other aircraft. Among the stalls were some cockpit sections such as a Canberra and Buccaneer S2B.

After 2pm the flying started with some gliders being towed by powered aircraft, including a Jak-12 (SP-AAB). The gliders included a Habicht and a Petrel. One of the highlights came in the form of a DH9, which I saw at Duxford Flying Legends, but as I had gone on the Saturday when it had technical problems, it did not fly and so I was very happy to see it this time at Old Warden, doing its display.

A Sea Hurricane and Lysander flew in formation before doing their solo displays. Then the four small planes of the Turbulent Team took off and flew in formation before limboing under a rope, popping balloons and flour bombing, which pleased a lot of the crowd.

An unusual formation came next with an Avro Anson and a Dornier 28 both from Old Warden. Later on some parachutists called “The Wings” got into an Antonov An-2, registered in Hungary, which took off and dropped “The Wings” display team into the centre of the airfield.

Afterwards an Extra 300 did some aerobatics before a Spitfire finished the Show. Sadly I was not able to see the Apache take off as this was on static and only took off at the end of the show. However I have seen this before, doing its pyrotechnics show and general display.

By Andrew Elphick

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