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16th February

The Start-up and Running of the North Norfolk Railway

Presented by

Trevor Eady

Former General Manager of the North Norfolk Railway

Christmas Lunch

Sunday 5th December 

Park Farm Hotel, Norwich Road, Heathersett

With the entertainer,  Johnny Cleveland

Cost £26


In Memory of Bev Hutchin


Sadly, Bev passed away on 23rd November at home, after being poorly for a while. 

I knew Bev for 60 years, as a workmate and very best friend.

Bev emigrated to Canada in the late 1960s. He lived and worked there for 16 years and could tell a good story of his experiences – they were many.

Bev lived in a cottage next door to the Ringland Swan pub. He and I spent time drinking and having good times in the pub. 


He had several motorbikes, as these were his hobby. He was a member of our aviation group for about 20 years and was good at telling jokes when we went on our trips. 

Our thoughts are with Bev’s wife, Eunice, at this very sad time. 

Bev will be sadly missed, never forgotten.   

R.I. P.

From Danny Jones

Some photographs from a recent visit to view Lakenheath –  14th July 2021

By Andrew Elphick

I went to RAF Lakenheath viewing area with a friend who has been taking me to various museums. Todays highlight were three out of 5 F-16’s from Aviano Italy. Just a few F-15’s including a F-15E with 48 OG on the tail.

Later we went to Johns Field and saw a KC-135R doing touch and gos before coming in to land. Sadly I missed the artwork on one side but it circled in to where the Lockheed MC-130J Comando II’s are. I thought one of the  CV-22B Ospreys was going to lift off but just warmed its engines up. 

MC-130J Commander ll
KC135R Stratotanker
KC135R Stratotanker
KC135R Stratotanker tail
CV-22B Osprey
Ex City Jet, Avro RJ85, EI-RJN
Being craned from Norwich Airport
to the City of Norwich Aviation Museum

On Friday 30th October this aircraft was moved from a location within the airport perimeter, across the NDR, to be positioned within the City of Norwich Aviation Museum. This involved the overnight closure of the road and ended the aircraft’s stay at Norwich International Airport, which commenced in February 2019. The aircraft’s engines were removed to lighten the load but will be replaced when the aircraft is in the Museum.

Because of the transfer distance involved the aircraft was parked for a time on the clockwise NDR carriageway, whilst the crane repositioned for the second and final lift into the museum. It was very much a locally driven operation with the crane, which was central to the operation, provided by Quinto who are themselves based on the other side of the airport.

Thanks go to Ian Brighton and Nick Ashworth for the excellent photos.

Ex City Jet Avro RJ85 EI-RJN on the Airport
Crossing the NDR

See Norwich Airport Photos 2020 for another 6 photos of this amazing event!


Members’ Photographic Competition

Great News! There will be a photo competition in 2021

Following the success of last year’s event, Peter Wood recently announced details of this year’s Competition. Indeed submissions have already commenced! 

View the entries for the 2020 competition!  Results can be seen on the right of this page.

General Rules for 2021:

  • The theme will again be ‘aviation’.
  • All submissions should be digital and in JPEG file format.
  • A maximum of 4 photographs can be submitted per member.
  • The photographs can be of any time period.
  • All entries must be named.
  • The competition is open only to NADAG members.
  • All entries should be emailed to Peter Wood at peterwood48@btopenworld.com
Third - Reds - by David Nunn
Here are the Results from our 2020 competition.
First - A fine pair of Hawkers - by David McCormick
Second - F22 - by David Nunn
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